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We are Live for Minting.

Why just Hold ETH buy an NFT and Just Get airdropped 5% Eth right into your wallet? Monthly 1% goes to charity. That is 6% a month which is 72% APY,  As we set into depression don’t take a chance of anyone else holding anything of yours. Hold your own NFT or Coins, but Get airdropped profits. You are welcome to sell it back to us. We will have our website ready for buybacks automatically at 90% market price.  The owners of the NFT will govern who to donate these funds to.

Bulls have been going against the Bears from the time trading and business have existed. Revenue and making money are the purest of any business model. There is nothing other than this to describe the ups and downs. Living on the Ethereum blockchain these two will make ROI perpetually for the owner and their community has chosen charity, which is airdropped to their respective wallets. This will eventually build up to be a pass to your own totally Pvt crypto bank account with keys. These NFTs are also able to be sold back to us.

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Taaaaaaa Daaaaaaaaa!

Mint a Bull or Bear?
0.1 Eth use Metamask.

About Our Project

About Bulls vs Bears

It’s considered a great opportunity to come into the space of NFTs and cryptos. While there are many opportunities, most will not make it through this dynamic ecosystem( global economy). The economy is crashing and dipping around us. Those hodling are left to their own devices and will not learn from their ways. We on the other hand realize that money is made going up or going down. It’s just how versatile and savvy we are with our knowledge of economics and cycles. We are going to use this time frame, in what will be our history to have ridden out the storm. We are not going to hodl on while many lost opportunity costs could have had a chance to make us money.

There is trillions of dollars of liquidity in the forex market and people who take calculated chances make a small but decent enough amount to live happily. In doing so, Nope, we are not saying we are going to buy Lambos or go to the moon, We are going to build something here that will be an example to the tech community of stability and financial rewards. Something we are proud to have and hold, not having anything to do with hidden agendas and jokes. We are all equal and we need to be able to work together.

Our belief is to always make or create wealth from what we have learned. Using past experiences and these tools. We don’t believe in Ponzi and hidden cloak and dagger economics. Our website is going to show just how and what we are achieving and how much and where it’s going. To all who are with us on this journey will create communities and good causes and do good in such times. We will be there to help. We are not going to waste money on advertising, hype, and creating and maintaining a  must have discord community ecosystem. We have Twitter for announcements and telegrams to have a place for everyone. We would rather do what’s needed which is to make the money that needs to be distributed to owners of NFTs. A dedicated Charity monthly.



Founder / Visionary
Serial entrepenuer, building teams, creating value-driven projects.
Anish Anand

Anish Anand

Development Guru worked on several projects with our team.
Jean Moulard

Jean Moulard

Financial Guru with Financial Instruments and 20 years in the global markets,


Head of Trading
Tansri Fintech, Built a sucesfull IB model in ICM and also has his own academy


Our Team

Our team has a combined 70 years of experience in building sustainable business and succesfull exits. We have built this to help the community as well as build something for the future. 

This is part of the first series we are doing. There  will  be four series in total with smaller percentage increases. The look and feel of the website will also reciprocate the the growth we have.  We are a doxxed team. 

Real Business
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Our Goals

Bulls vs Bear Goals

We will have 5 series of NFT to be sold.

  • Launch Of NFT's

    With our sales we will fund trading and develoment on our site.

  • Setup Company and License

    We will set up off shore company and license for what we are doing.

  • Dual Charity

    Every Holder will get the series percentage monthly and we will hold monthly voting, for voted charites of the holder choice to get some $

  • End Goal

    We will be as transparent as possible. There will be deposit wallets. Trading wallets, Distribution wallets. Team wallets. Charity wallet. You will be able to see how much of the money is traded. How much goes to distribution, Charity, and Team wallets. The website will have paid transactions and also weekly earnings. The goal is to have our Financial institute.

Yes as we are using the ERC-721A.

Our contract will be optimized to enable a low gas fee experience as well as being audited by a third party to ensure security and safety. Having in mind our long-term vision for the project, we want to make sure our first launch is flawless. 

 Mint: 26th of July 2022

Series validation is 1% monthly it will be 1k Bulls and 1k Bears.

Price will be .1 Eth

We will have 5 more series. Each will increase in price and ROI given.

 NFT acts as a token of utility by receiving a charity drop every month. 

Owning a BVSB gives you access to benefits developed for you at 6% monthly forever. No Staking it’s airdropped to your wallet.

Yes, you can.

We will also be buying back our NFT at a 10% discounted rate at any time after 6 months and our website is ready too. 

While other NFT projects you need to find buyers, we will gladly repurchase them.  

You are Allowed unlimited mint:

Mint Price: is  0.1 ETH each 

Keep in mind there will be gas fees.

Eth is easier for us to trade with. The price might fluctuate but it is the safest. We forgo convertions and swaps. This is when we deposit into brokerages where we trade from.

As an Example.

Mint is .1 ETH

.1 Eth = 100%

=> 6% monthly airdroped. No compounding.

=> 72% a Year

The price of Eth is now 1 Eth is roughly $

When Eth goes up so does the value of the 6% 

1% will go for charity so you will get 5%

Airdroped 1st of every month to the owners wallet address.

FAQ Minting 6% BVSB Collection

There is no staking,

We just air drop 5% back every first of the month.  1 % will be placed in a charity wallet , All NFT holders can suggest and vote to give to chosen charitable purpose. We will do it in person and post it.

Our wallets

Main contract and receivable :


Distribution wallet:


Charity Wallet:


We will have a paid out page and a internal forum you can log in with your NFT instead of Discord for our Community.

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Get Ready For A New Kind Of NFT Who do you want to be in the Market of $$$

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